Storage Solutions

There are many reason why Smith Store It is the facility for you. Smith Store It features the latest designs for ease of access to your unit(s). From the smooth roll-top doors to the layout of our units, its easy to get your items in and out, so you can make the most of your moving time. Handicap Friendly also.

Safety & Security

Yes, we are secure. In fact, we don’t believe you will find  better self-storage security anywhere. We have video camera monitoring of tenants and traffic, as well as coded access to the computer-controlled gate, that only you can operate during most hours. (Other hours by request.) Our on-site resident manager is alerted of any security problems with our security systems.

Dry Storage = Safe Storage

Our units are all steel and metal construction built on concrete slabs. There’s no wood anywhere to attract termites or other vermin. Likewise, there are no concrete block walls to absorb water and increase dampness. Many other storage companies use these older methods and in just a few short years, these construction problems are readily apparent—and potentially damaging to stored items.

Climate Control Available!

Smith Store It also offers climate-controlled units, heated and cooled year round, just like your own home. The temperatures never fall below 65 degrees or are warmer than 79 degrees. All your temperature-sensitive goods need to be stored in these special units.

You want your goods stored in the best you can find. Whether climate controlled or regular, all metal construction is the best.

Smith Store It Staff

At Smith Store It, everyone on our staff has been selected and trained to be the most helpful and friendly as possible to you. If you feel you do not get this kind of reception at all times, our owner M.D. Smith wants to hear about it. His office number is 256-536-8521.