Storage Tips from Smith Store It

  • Put plastic inside cardboard boxes with books, photos, papers and other things that might absorb moisture. (Even trashcan liners will work.) Minimize dust damage to electronics and furniture by placing them in dry bags, linen sheets or paper.
  • Pack heavy books and CD’s in smaller boxes for easier lifting.
  • Don’t put cardboard boxes directly on concrete. A couple of short sections of 2×4 wood or a wood pallet is perfect to keep boxes off ground and dry.
  • Stack heavier items on bottom and lighter boxes and items on top.
  • Wrap breakables in bubble wrap, or any kind of cushioning material and don’t pack the box too high or dense.
  • MARK contents of each box on 2 sides and the top for easy identification later. Use heavy, black felt tip pen.
  • Tape boxes shut with sealing tape.
  • Metal items are best covered with an old sheet or cloth and spray the cloth with light coat of WD40 or spray oil to prevent rust. Wipe bare metal surfaces with oil cloth directly.
  • Do NOT store anything with gasoline in it. Not only will it ruin the engine, but it is illegal to store gas or any other flammable substance.
  • If you must store valuables, store in rear of unit, under heavy boxes and behind furniture. Don’t label the box as containing valuables.
  • Make a LIST of everything you store and keep a copy inside. Add or delete items as they are added or removed from your storage unit. This could be very important in the unlikely event of an insurance claim.

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