Accessories Are Available at Smith Store It Self Storage!

handtruckSmith Store It Self Storage stocks a variety of accessories in our office. We have a complete line of packing boxes in various sizes and for different purposes. You can purchase these accessories separately or in groups and assortments.

You can find packing material, sealing tape and tape guns, markers and just about anything you might need for getting your goods prepared to put in storage for short or long term.

We provide top-of-the-line locks for our storage units.

Our job is to make not only your storage needs easier, but packing and moving as well. All kinds of rental gear is available, such as hand trucks and dollies to move those heavy boxes and pieces of furniture.

Call or come by our office if you have specific questions about our full line of accessory items for your self storage.

Packing and Moving Kit

(Prices do not include sales tax. Prices subject to change.)

Wrapping Paper
10 pounds
Bubble Wrap
(Small) Perfect for packing items
Paper Tape
Single Roll
Packing Tape
Heavy Duty – Single Roll
Packing Tape
Heavy Duty – Six Pack
Small Cube Box
Medium Box
Large Box
Extra Large Box
Cotton Gloves
Various sizes available
Small Padlock
1 1/2 inch
Medium Padlock
1 3/4 inch
Large Padlock
2 inch
Disc Padlock
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
Wide Tip Markers
Black ink
Heavy Duty Moving Dollies
FREE with Move-In Rental (1 Day Use)