Rental Insurance at Smith Store It

We offer information on renter’s insurance that you may purchase. You purchase direct from Storage Insurance Company.

The maximum amount you are asked to store is $5,000.00 You can buy more insurance if you wish. It covers you against fire, smoke, hail, lightning, water damage, windstorms, theft and vandalism. See brochure for full details.

Some important things you should know about:

  • Insurance is required for your storage space
  • There are three ways to attain the coverage
  • You can “self insure” your possessions
  • You can get insurance from another provider
  • You can get a policy through our Customer Insurance Program

Important tips recommended by insurance companies:

  • Reduce the risk of any kind of water damage by putting cardboard boxes and books on top of wooden pallets.
  • Inventory everything in your unit.
  • Take videotape or photos of your stored goods.
  • Keep these records in a safe place in the unlikely event you should have a loss.
  • Jewelry, money, watches, fur and other precious items are NOT covered by this policy and should not be put in a storage facility for any reason.
  • Rates as of February 2013 (and are likely to change, call the office for latest quote).
Standard Insurance $18 per 3 months—insures up to $4,000

Discounts for 6 or 12 months. Full details of coverage are offered in our office in a helpful pamphlet that is yours FREE for the asking.