Auctions at Smith Store It.

Smith Store It conducts periodic auctions for storage left unpaid and unclaimed.

There will be TWO Auctions (total 17 units) on: 

Friday, October 14, 2016 @ 9:00 am and at 72 East at 10:30 am. Attend Both.

At this time, 17 units are scheduled to be auctioned, some might be paid before then and others might be added.  You must go in the office and register and get a bidder’s number before you can bid on any of the units up for auction. Payment is cash only.  Arrive early to sign up so you won’t miss the start if the crowd is large.

This is BOTH Smith Store It locations. The 9:00 am is on 1015 County Road, which is only a block long and we are the only business on that road. It’s between Church Street and Cook Avenue, just a bit off Memorial Parkway service road. You turn on Cook Ave. just in front of the Krispie Creme donut shop or come down Church Street from Oakwood and bear right when you see the storage buildings and sign.

The 10:30 will be held at our 72 East location. Go over Chapman Mt. on highway 72 East. Go one mile past traffic light at Shields Rd and there you are on the right.

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